Winner of Dream 11 are Lucky. Aren't they?

No… They play strategically. And I am here to share some tips and strategy to win the contests.

1: Do not take part in big contests-

The chance of winning in such contests iv very very must have seen many teams under single name are fighting.This is because many groups and associations invest to form 100 and 1000 of teams .so their chance of winning the 1st spot is higher . And you are their with 1 or 2 teams.

so, surely you are going to loose your money .

2: Try to minimize your competitior-

If competition is less,then surely your chance of winning will be high. In fact your money will also be safe .

3: Do not invest all your money in one match:

Never try to make a lots of team in just one match.Try to make atmost 4 teams in a match.It will cover all the possibility of a better combination.

4:include good allrounders in your team:

Add atleast 2 allrounder in your team.They are the one who can make you a winner.


5: Select those bowlers who mainly bowl in death overs:

Bowlers one wicket give  a boost to your rank unexpectedly.

Try to pick those bowlers who usually bowls in death overs.As in the end of inning batting team mainly focus on hitting boundaries and chance of getting the wicket becomes more.

6: Be very clever while choosing captain and vice captain:

Mainly when we choose captains and voice captains , we prefer batsman. You should carefully choose a premier wicket taker bowler as captain or vice captain.

7:try to pick a debutant bowler:

Whenever a bowler debut , it becomes little tricky for the batsman to play that bowler.Because they have not faced him before.And chance of taking the wicket increses.

for ex- Alzari joseph(He took 6 wickets on debut).

8: Take a glimpse on the type of pitch:

If its bowling pitch then include more allrounders, otherwise choose extra batsman.

Apply all the tips mentioned above and observe the change .

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