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Hi, I Am Rajeev

Hi, I am Rajeev a B.Tech Engineer and an Sports Enthusiast. This is my dream project and site. I am pledged to provide you the most latest and the most appropriate info for the Sports and Tech News. Hope You enjoy my Articles.
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Hi, I Am Shristi

Hi, I am Shristi a 2nd Year M.B.B.S Student and a future Doctor. Since i started my prep for the medical entrance i used to do a lot of research regarding medicine and all health related issue. So with this website i will be sharing you the most authentic and important articles regarding Health and Medicine that i research and find helpful to you all.  Hope You enjoy my Articles.
For queries You can write to me!

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We are pledged to provide you the latest and most trending news and events regarding Sports Especially Cricket, Health & Medicine and Technologies. We frequently Upload the latest match details, latest news about health, medicine and newly launched gadgets in the market.