Chetan bhagat , the most popular author among the youths. He has written many Novels with the genres Romance, Crime and Thriller. His most famous book is 2 States which was also adapted in the movie with the same name staring Arjun Kapoor & Alia Bhatt. And the Movie was a super hit. Not only this his most novels were adapted into movies in bollywood.

Bhagat a Graduate from IIT Delhi with Mechanical Engineering and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. He worked with 2 huge Investments companies including Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank as its Vice President, Both in Hongkong. During these days he wrote 1st two of his novels i.e. Five Point Someone and One Night @ the call centre. later on he moved back to India joining Deutsche Bank, Mumbai branch and completed writing his 3rd Novel The 3 Mistakes of my Life.

Chetan Bhagat left his banking career completely in year 2009 to devote to full time writings and wrote Revolution 2020. Later on he wrote his other books including 2 States, Half Girlfriend, One Indian Girl, The Girl in room 105, and his latest book One Arranged Marriage.

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Movie Adaptation

Five Point Someone

3-idiots (2009)

One Night @ the Call Centre

Hello! (2008)

The 3 Mistakes Of My Life

Kai Po Che (2013)

2 States

2 States (2014)

Half Girlfriend

Half Girlfriend

Books By Chetan Bhagat

One Arranged Marriage

The book is the sequel of Chetan Bhagat’s book The Girl in Room 105. Where at last Keshav had setup an Detective agency named ‘Z-Detective’. He worked with his friend Sourabh who was seen to be married with Prerna who was eventually murdered on the day of Karvachauth. Sourabh found her dead at the terrace, and story goes through a series of investigation along with police and Z-Detective. Read the book for the complete story.

The Girl in Room 105

The book will take you with the journey of Keshav Purohit son of an RSS leader and her Love Zara a Muslim from Kashmir. They both fall in love but their family didn;t allowed and had their own conditions. Later on Zara was murderd and the situation directed the police towards Keshav for the prime suspect. The story goes on and an unimaginable truth was discovered that led everyone astonished.

One Indian Girl

The story is a journey of a Banker Girl working at Goldman Sachs Radhika Mehta. Initially she was getting engaged with guy named Brijesh and during this one of his batchmate from IIMA named Debashish contacted her. She lost her enegagement and decided to go with debashish but found ger with an another girl and she left him also. Later on she had relations with his boss who was married but this also didn’t work. Read the complete books for complete story of Radhika.

Half Girlfriend

The story of a Prince from a small town in Dumraon, Bihar fell in love with a Girl in Delhi in his college. The Story will take you to the journey of Madhav and Riya. The story will grab your attention with some real life incidents including Bill Gates visiting Bihar. Madhav tries hard to learn english for the event at his School for welcoming Bill Gates for some fund. Riya came to rescue her and they meet again. You will be mesmerized reading the book.

2 States

2 States, a story which is said to be resemble with the real life of the Author Chetan Bhagat and his wife Anusha Bhagat. The lead protagonists are Krrish and Ananya. A Punjabi guy with a Tamilian Brahmin Girl. The story starts with their meeting at IIMA. The looks of Ananya attracted Krrish which led them to fell in Love with Each Other. The plot then starts with their families where Both of them tries to convince their Families. With great differences, it was difficult for both of them. Story continues with this. Read the full book to Know and enjoy. You will definetly be able to relate to this.

Revolution 2020

The most anticipated book of Mr Bhagat for being adapted to Movie. Fans are eagerly waiting for its announcement. The story carries the journey of Gopal, Arti and Raghav all having different paths. The plot is from the Benaras. The trio meet at their primary school, the friendship led Gopal to fell in love with Arti. Gopal who didn’t able to manage to get into IIT, lost his father during his prep. days. His problems led him to corruption with a leader, who started college after capturing Goapl’s long disputed land. During these days Arti fell in love with Gopal. The story will take you to the level of Sacrifice , Ambition, Dirty Politics and more. Read the book and trust me you will enjoy it.

“Its My fav book too”

The 3 Mistakes Of My Life

The story is based on 3 Friends who started who started a shop to sell Cricket goodies. All 3 were from a small town in Ahmedabad. Ishaan was Cricket player who coudn’t able to go into the Indian Cricket Team, Govind who wanted to become an Engineer but couldn’t able to get admission due to his poverty. The 3rd friend was with no goals. Once all three met and discussed to start a shop selling cricket goodies. Soon they start acting upon their plan. They were doing good but the three mistakes changed their life completely. Read the full book to explore more about it.

One Night @ The Call Centre

A call from God?  Yes, The story is about a team working at a call centre, where one day on their returning they met with and accident and Got a call where no network was present, and the call was from God. The story mentions Love stories too that’s going to dive you deep into the story.

Five Point Someone

The very First Novel of Chetan Bhagat was a real Hit still accounts for one of the highest grossing movie on any literature in India- “3 Idiots”. The plot starts with freshers entering into the campus of engineering college. The 3 who became friend for life had their life adventurous at college criticizing the system for forcing students to emphasize more on grades than knowledge. The love story of Hari & Neha accompanies you thorought the journey for their life.

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