Best JEE Main books referred by Nitians-

Physics Books for JEE Main

1. H.C. Verma- Concept Of Physics Part 1 & 2

Best for concise concept and a good set of quality questions

Concept Of Physics

2. D.C. Pandey -Series of Books for JEE

Best for practice and summary notes

DC Pandey

3. B.M. Sharma-Cengage- Series of Books for JEE

Best for brief concept and a lot of examples to understand
(Only for Practice and not Concept Building)


Chemsitry Books for JEE Main

1. NCERTs – Both 11th & 12th

The most and foremost book for concept and a good score. Questions are directly asked from the NCERT texts


2. Problems in Physical Chemistry – Narendra Avasthi

Level 1 of each chapter of this book is exclusively made for JEE Main and in recent years questions directly come from this book (other levels of this book is for JEE Advance)

Problems In Physical Chemistry- Narendra Awasthi

3. For OC refer class & coaching notes along with NCERT

Your Coaching notes and Modules along with the NCERT is enough in OC for JEE Main

OC Study Material

Maths Books for JEE Main​

1. Complete mathematics for JEE Main TMH

Best for the Concept building and some good questions for practice

Complete Mathematics by TMH

2. Advanced Problem in Mathematics – Gupta Joshi

Solve Level 1 of this book for quality and concept building questions. Some questions you can skip that are too tough!

Advanced Problems in mathematics -Gupta Jushi

3. Play with Graphs by Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications)

Best for Understanding Graph in Mathematics and its Problem Solving Approach

Play with Graphs – Amit M Aggarwal

Hand For Guidance Regarding Percentile Increase in APRIL & MAY attempt

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