Mahadevi Verma one of the best poets of Chhayavadi era in Hindi literature. She was also known as the “Modern Meera”. She introduced the KHARI BOLI in mainstream of Hindi literature.
Once Nirala (great poet of Hindi literature) caller her “Saraswati in the vast temple of Hindi Literature”. She was awarded by Padma Bhushan, Jnanpith award, Padma Vibhushan.

 Her most famous writings include Nihar, Rashmi, Neerja, Atith ke chalchitra, Smriti ki rehaye, Meri Pariwar, Sansmaran, Thakur ji Bhole hain and many more to name..

Famous stories to Read-

Mera Pariwaar

One of the best books on how a human is attached to its pets. Mahadevi Verma described the life journey of her pets. Her words put an emotional touch to the stories. She described every small activity of her pets, the way they eat, they play, they sleep, they enjoy. The perception of Mahadevi Verma towards animals will leave you amazed.


This was the fifth poem collection of Mahadevi Verma, and surely one of her best. The main motive of the poems in this book was to convey a message that we should help other. Once talking about this collection, Mahadevi Verma said that
दीप-शिखा में मेरी कुछ ऐसी रचनाएँ संग्रहित हैं जिन्हें मैंने रंगरेखा की धुंधली पृष्ठभूमि देने का प्रयास किया है। सभी रचनाओं को ऐसी पीठिका देना न सम्भव होता है और न रुचिकर, अतः रचनाक्रम की दृष्टि से यह चित्रगीत बहुत बिखरे हुए ही रहेंगे।

Ateet Ka Chalchitra

Ateet ka chalchitra is a sketch composed by Mahadevi Varma. In this,  we are introduced to these eleven characters Rama, sister-in-law, Binda, Sabia, Bitto, girl child, Ghisa, unfortunate woman, Alopi, Bablu and Alopa. He has taken all the sketches from his life itself, which is why the various incidents of his own life and various aspects of the character have been implanted spontaneously. He has given the true truths as they are.

This book is a collection of poems from different books. The compositions included in ‘Yama’ are drawn from the collections of the poetry of Nehar, Rashmi, Neerja and Sandhyagita. You can read this book if you want the best of all.

Shrankhala Ki Kadiyan

Shrankhala Ki Kadiyan is Mahadevi Varma’s collection of problematic essays. Female discussions are prominent among them. In the words of Dr. Hriday Narayan Upadhyay, “Today the discussion of female discourse is being heard everywhere. Mahadevi Verma had set the background for this long back. The series of her work published in 1942, in the true sense, is female- There is a preamble of discussion in which Mahadevi Varma has run her writings on the condition, direction and struggles of women in the then social conditions.

Agnirekha (Jnanpith Award Winner, 1982 ) (Hindi)

‘Agni Rekha’ contains poems composed in the last days of Mahadeviji, which will surprise and surprise the readers. Surprised in the sense that the tone of affection and compassion in Mahadevi-Kavya, which has become his identity since then, is completely absent here.


Smriti Ki Rekhaye in the lines of memory Mahadevi, based on her memory, immortalized the characters by drawing various forms of life very tenderly by indelible lines. Madadevi has depicted the characteristics, weaknesses and problems of lower class characters in most of his drawings.

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