Ramdhari Singh Dinkar considered to be a poet of rebellion as because of his nationalist poetry before independence. He was a great poet, patriot and academics. Born in Simaria district of Bihar was a man of intellectual. He was known by his pen name “DINKAR”. He was a freedom fighter too and later on a politician too. He was 3 tenure Rajya Sabha member of the independent India. And was awarded various awards including “Padma Bhusan”. His Famous works include pranbhang, Renuka, hunkar(epic), Kurukshetra, Dhoop Chhah, Baapu, Rashmirathi, Suraj ka byaah, and many more to mention.

Here I brought to the Best Books to Read by Ramdhari SIngh Dinkar. I hope you’ll enjoy reading.

Famous stories to Read-


Rashmirathi, which means “charioteer of the sun”, is a famous Khandakavya composed by the great Hindi poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar. It was published in 1952. It has a total of 4 cantos, in which all the sides of Karna’s character are depicted live. … ‘Rashmirathi’ also gives the message that birth-illegality does not destroy the legitimacy of karma.


Pururava is the son of earth and Urvashi is a woman descended from Devaloka. Within the Pururava, Trishna and Urvashi of the Goddess want to enjoy the happiness of the earth with a natural sense of ease. Urvashi is a poem of love and beauty. Other small streams related to philosophy of life are found in the basic stream of love and beauty.


Kurukshetra Ramdhari Singh Dinkar Kurukshetra Rashtrakavi is the most popular and most popular work of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, which was published in the year 1979. In relation to its creation, Dinkar ji himself has said – Kurukshetra has not been created following the Lord Vyas and neither was my objective to repeat the Mahabharata.

Parshuram ki Pratiksha

Parshuram ki Pratiksha is a famous poem by Dinkar ji. The poet’s self-respecting good luck appears to be looking forward to a new future person. … The poet says that we must be vigilant to protect our national values ​​while protecting our moral values.

Sanskrit ke chaar adhyay

The four chapters of Culture are an Indian Culture Survey composed by noted Hindi litterateur Ramdhari Singh Dinkar for which he was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1959. … the first revolution occurred when the Aryans came to India or when they came in contact with the non-Aryan castes in India.


Hunkar is an epic poem by Rashtrakavi Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’. Himalaya is from the collection Hunkar which has been described by a critic as burning coals in the shade of playful rainbow

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