Munshi Premchand had his real name Dhanpat Rai Srivastava started writing with the pen name of Nawab Rai. He was known to be a pioneer of Hindi literature in the early 20th Centuary. His works include more than 300 short stories, about 12 Novels and many other literary works. His famous works include Roothi Rani, Seva Sadan, Rang bhoomi, Godaan, Bade bhai sahab and many more to name. Here are the Best Hindi Stories Books To Read By Munshi Premchand.

Famous stories to Read-

Panch Parmeshwar

‘Panch Parmeshwar’ is the truth that shows the torch to the society. For the survival of the world and man, we have to learn the skill of saving that ideal world. It is a matter of fact that in this dystopian world, the talk of idealism is like burning fireflies in the darkness of night.


The story is about a small boy Hamid, who lives with his old grandmother, who visits Eidgah on the day of the Eid festival. … the story is about the challenge he faces because his friends buy a lot of goods and he can’t buy them, you all will surely like it.

Namak Ka Daroga (नमक का दारोगा) (Hindi Edition) by [Prem Chand]
Namak ka daroga

When a new salt department was formed and there was a prohibition of dealing with the deity, people began to trade it secretly. Many types of deceit were initiated, some used to take bribe, some manipulated.


‘Premashram’ is a novel written against the backdrop of India’s fast and deepening national struggles. … The protagonist of this novel, Prem Shankar, embodies the ideal of the new man in the imagination of Premchand. He is patient and patient, but is unable to bow a mole in the face of injustice.

Bade Ghar ki beti

Bade Ghar Ki Beti is the famous story written by Munshi Premchand ji, the daughter of Bade Ghar. In this story, he has shown the skills of problems arising in the joint family, discord, talk of things and then normalizing the deteriorating situation by mutual understanding.

Poos Ki Raat (Illustrated Edition) (Hindi Edition) by [Munshi Premchand]
Poos Ki Raat

How the poor farmers of India work diligently, but their economic condition remains miserable as it remains poverty, this story has been told through how a poor farmer who is very poor is suffering from the difficult struggles of life. Battles

Do Bailon Ki Katha

Premchand, he has written and written the story of two bulls, Premchand has told that in the story of two bulls, animals are not less sensitive than humans, they also love their owner as much. … the writer of this story is Munshi Premchand. Both these bulls are directly representative of the plain people.


The Shroud is the story of a social system that discourages man towards labor because he does not show any significance of that labor. … When the woman dies, the shroud of the shuffle begins to change their destiny, at the hand of the shroud, both of them become unanimous that at the time of shroud, the corpse will be up at night.

Bade Bhai Sahab

Premchand has told about his elder brother in this lesson who was five years older than him but only three classes ahead in his studies. … The writer was nine years old and his brothers were fourteen years old. He had complete supervision of the writer, which was his birthright. The elder brothers were very studious by nature, always sitting open the book.


Godan is the story of the continuous exploitation of the farmer under colonial rule in the Mahajani system and the enmity that arose from it. Godan’s hero Hori is a farmer who exists as a representative of the peasant class. … The organization of the stories of both has been done so efficiently that the flow in it remains end-to-end. This is the speciality of Premchand’s pen.

Boodhi Kaaki

Premchand’s story is an old story filled with the spirit of ‘old mankind’. In it, the author has raised the problem of the Samaj family through ‘Budhi Kaki’, where after taking their property and property from the elderly, they are neglected.

Thakur ka Kuan

This story shows how cruel and fearless the big castes behave towards the small castes, to what extent their terror is prevalent among the lower castes. This story shows how cruel and fearless the big castes behave towards the small castes, to what extent their terror is prevalent among the lower castes.

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