Studies have shown that using two masks instead of one can provide better protection against coronavirus and can reduce the chances of infection by up to 95%.

Double masking can prevent leakage of air and this technique allows your mask to fit the contours of your face in a better and more effective way.

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This technique has recently been validated by CDC and guidelines have been issued on how to do it properly.

Using two masks instead of one helps in better purification of air droplets and hence it helps prevent viral particles from entering into the respiratory tract.

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How to do double masking properly ?

1.   Select a proper combination of masks. CDC recommends using a surgical mask along with a cloth mask. The cloth mask is to be worn above surgical mask.

2.   It is advised to use a cloth mask having multiple layers of clothing or use one in which a filter can be inserted.

3.   The masks should cover your mouth and nose and must be tightly stuck to your face.

4.   To fit in the surgical mask tightly tuck up its ear loops and tie a knot, then flatten the extra material close to your face.

5.   Now wear a cloth mask above it and make sure it is tightly snugged up to your face. Make sure the cloth mask has breathable fabric.


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