Are you Not Satisfied with your JEE Main-2021 Percentile?
We are here to provide you with the Best Tips for getting 98+ Percentile in the April & May attempt

Being the One who faced this horrible situation of JEE and being an NITian , I can tell you the best tips and methods you should Opt for ace in JEE Main-2021 April and May Attempt.


1. Take out your NCERT books(most imp.) Especially Chemistry

Never take NCERT lightly, Questions directly gets picked up from NCERT texts. Especially in Chemistry about 30% questions are from the texts directly. Try to memorise every fact from NCERT books atleast 5-6 times, it will boost your marks by about 6-7 percentile easily (SELF EXPERIENCED) if you around 90 percentile and similar trend you will observe in other percentile scores also.

NCERT Class 11th & 12th


NCERT Physics

2. Prefer previous year questions over test series

Every year it has been observerd that in every JEE Main paper 3-4 questions directly comes from the previous year papers as it is. And most of the rest questions will seem to you be like it has been already done either in the previous year JEE Main or in JEE Advance papers. It will increase your accuracy and courage to face the paper. And Believe me you will be able to boost your score to a good extent.

JEE Main 2020

Jee Main 19 Year papers

3.Do your test paper Seriously & analyze it

Whenever you give test give it seiously and give atleast half-an-hour to analyse it. It will help you identify your mistakes and you can know your weakness so that you can rectify your mistakes.

Test Series JEE Main-2021
ALLEN-Major JEE Main And Advanced 2021 Online Test Series (Email Delivery in 2 Hours- No CD)
AllEN Test Series

4. Start giving more and more tests starting from 1 months before your paper

Giving more and more paper will led you to increased speed , question identification and increased accuracy in the JEE Main paper. It will also help you to remain calm in any difficult situation during exam.

5. Practice more and more questions in Maths and Physics

Practicing different and difficult questions daily is not the good way in Maths and Physics Especially for JEE Main-2021. Try Practicing more and more similar questions what is asked in the previous year papers.

* Don’t try to study new topics few days before the exam, it will never gonna help you in the exam.


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