Best Books To Read By Mahadevi Verma

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Mahadevi Verma one of the best poets of Chhayavadi era in Hindi literature. She was also known as the “Modern Meera”. She introduced the KHARI BOLI in mainstream of Hindi literature. Once Nirala (great poet of Hindi literature) caller her “Saraswati in the vast temple of Hindi Literature”. She was awarded by Padma Bhushan, Jnanpith … Read more

Best Books to Read By Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Best Books to Read By Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Harivansh rai Bachchan a phd from Campbridge University. He also served as an English professor in Allahabad University. He Even Worked at All India Radio. He wrote many World famous Poetic Books Including Agneepath, Madhusala, Tera Haar, Madhubala, Madhukalash, Nisha Nimantran, Satrangini, Kya bhollon kya yaad karun, Dhar ke Idhar Udhar and many more to … Read more

Best books to Read By Ramdhari Singh Dinkar

Best books to Read by Ramdhari singh dinkar

Ramdhari Singh Dinkar considered to be a poet of rebellion as because of his nationalist poetry before independence. He was a great poet, patriot and academics. Born in Simaria district of Bihar was a man of intellectual. He was known by his pen name “DINKAR”. He was a freedom fighter too and later on a … Read more

Best Hindi Stories To Read By Munshi Premchand

best hindi books to read by munshi premchand

Munshi Premchand had his real name Dhanpat Rai Srivastava started writing with the pen name of Nawab Rai. He was known to be a pioneer of Hindi literature in the early 20th Centuary. His works include more than 300 short stories, about 12 Novels and many other literary works. His famous works include Roothi Rani, … Read more

Indian team squad- World Test Championship Finals, Match Prediction

Indian Team squad World Test championship

On 18th June 2021 India is going to play the finals of World Test Championship(WTC) Finals against New Zealand After two years of long run ICC World Test Championship(WTC) has come to its end and the Final Match is going to be played between World’s Two Best test Teams. Total of 9 teams participated in … Read more

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IPL SUSPENDED! 31th Match of IPL 2021 will be played as MI vs SRH. MI has made a tremendous comeback. MI batsman are just back to their form . Delhi (ground) is most suitable for the batsman. Jimmy Nisham has added more power to the MI’s batting strength. In my opinion they are also going … Read more