Ravinder Singh a Software Engineer by Profession. Started writing for getting recovery from the trauma of the death of his Girlfriend with whom, he was about to get engaged. His very first novel “I Too Had A Love Story” is story of his own. This novel was even reviewed by Narayan Murthy, chairman of Infosys, He called it “Simple, Honest & Heart Touching”  book.

Ravinder Singh worked for Infosys for about 5 years. He is also an MBA from ISB, Hyderabad. His 1st book was published in 2007 and an Audio book was also published in 2011. The book was an all time BestSeller. His In-Complete love Story amd him write and he is one of the most famous youth writer.

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Books By Ravinder Singh

I Too Had A Love Story

The Story Started by a reunion and then making account on shaadi.com. The male protagonist Ravin got a match from a girl named Khushi, the female protagonists. With the passage of time a pure and pious loved developed between them. Both agreed to get engaged but an accident changed their paths. Khushi died and Ravin was left alone. The Most Heart touching Story you will ever come to read. Even if you are a stone hearted, your heart is gonna melt for Sure.

Can Love Happen Twice

One can say its a sequel of I Too had A Love Story. Ravin who lost her love was in a rehab center. Story of Ravin and Simar started at a gym with a fight turned into an eternal Love. They both loved each other but are types. Khushi not wanted to stay with Ravin’s parents which eventually weaken their relationship. Simar hails from a well-to-d family and her parents didn’t wanted her to stay with him. They seperated and Ravin met with an accident. Simar came to know this by one of Ravin’s friend, She started crying and straightway went to the Hospital. Read the book to Explore the multiple feeling that Ravin was feeling.

Love Stories That Touched My Heart

This book is collection of short stories shortlisted from abot 2000 entries. A competition was held for story writing by Penguin India Publication. The Stories were selected and compiled by Mr Ravinder singh as Nominated. The stories include love, anxiety, passion, society, politics, love at first sight, breakup, marriage. Its the best books for those who want to explore pure love should definetly read this book.

Like It Happened Yesterday

Every had a crush on a  teacher in their childhood. The Author relates this book with his childhood memopry of his primary class were he had a crush on a Aneglish Primary teacher. The books accounts for various incidents during these days. One of the most relatable incident was the discussion of his birth were one of her classmate told her that he came from her mother’s stomach but they were enable to discover how he was went inside to the stomach. At the end his Teacher was married and the story gets Over. Read the whole books to discover your and enjoy your childhood memories.

Your Dreams Are Mine Now

The story explores Love, romance and Politics between arunand Rupali. Arun who is a youth leader from a college of Delhi University whereas Rupali was a small town girl and an Idealist. Despite no common interests between them they fallen for each other.  Due to the fight of Arun against evils they landed on path were everything seems to be negative, Rupali was kidnapped, and a misfortune happened, Read the thriller romantic book by Ravinder Singh

Tell Me a Story: Inspiring, Touching, Funny and Heartfelt Stories from Life . . . by [Ravinder Singh]
Tell Me A Story

The book mentions a collection of stories with various authors but edited by Ravinder Singh. The stories that changed someone’s life, the turning point of their life. The stories that may be Shocking, Good, Bad, Happy or sad but a story that changed Lives. The moments that the book shares will make your life living worth. You will love living your life. So if you also want to feel what others felt when they were striked by such situation, you must read this book.

This Love That Feels Right

The book touches one of the most conflicting topic of our Indian Society “The Open Marriage System”. Naina who is bored of her marriage, her husband who give more importance to money over his family. So Naina started exploring herself and joined a gym. Their she met Manvika who was a TV jurnolist. Their gym trainer was Aarav. Naina feel attracted to Aarav and Manvika found the tingling between them. Manvika was involved in a relationship otherthan her husband, soon Naina was so much attracted towards Aarav that she started loving him. Just read the full novel for knowing what happened next, does she goes with Aarav or remain with his Husband?

Will You Still Love Me?

The story of a Northeastern Girl and Punjabi guy! Yes the story witnesses the love between Lavanya and Rajveer who met at a flight form Mumbai to Chandigarh, you can say its a love at first sight, atleast for one of them. The story goes on the fate let them meet for more and more time. They were totally different also Rajveer’s parent were insecure getting his son loving a Meghalaya girl whom they call Chinese. The story also emphasises on Women Empowerment and Northeast Insurgency. You will deffinetly love this book if you believe in Love.

The Belated Bachelor Party

The story about the bachelor party Ravinder and his 3 friends organised. After about almost a decade of their marriage they think about the bachelor’s party, they never organised. So they planned a trip to Europe and were even able to manage with their wives. But without a tragedy no journey is completed, and it happened here too. They were found without visa by the police in between Croatian and Solvania, the no man’s land and the trouble begins for them. You will also be discovering the true friendship and the bond they share. Read the full book to know what exactly happened to them and what they do. Don’t forget your friend to read it too.

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