TVF – The Viral Fever, startes as a Entertainment Youtube channel. The Founder Arunabh Kumar, an IITian.  He Started this youtube channel targeting the youths who used to watch the Melodrama Television Entertainment. The Videos they uploaded covers major topics such as Politics, Bollywood, Lifestyles, and trending social media topics.

The first major hit for TVF was The Permanent Roommates- It created the worldwide record of long web series being 2nd most watched  And The Pitchers. Their one of the most success short videos were the parody videos including “Raja Rabish Kumar”, “Rowdies” and many more.

There major Success Include Kota Factory, Aspirants, The Pitchers, Flames, TVF Tripling, Hostel Daze, Gullak, Cubicles, Permanent Roommates, Yeh Meri Family and many more to mention. Many talented actors got their fame from these webseries including Jitendra Kumar(Jeetu Bhaiya), Sumeet Vyas(Permanent Roommates), Nidhi Singh(Permanent Roommates), Mithila Palkar(Little things), Naveen Kasturia( Aspirant), and many more to name.

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Top 5 TVF Webseries

Kota Factory Poster
Kota Factory


As a Kotaite, I can speak of this series by heart. The Journey of a kotaite is being depicted in this series. The series is in black & white which adds an realistic scene. It described about how the coaching in kota has been converted into Industries producing IITians, NITians and Doctors. Their prime motto is to grab more and more students and select the most cream students and keep their main focus on them only. Others get neglected. The series mention many emotional and heart touching Dialogues and Scenes which is gonna a blow your minds. It also mentions how parents pressurises their kids to pursue only Engineer or Medical as Profession.

Watch this Series for sure, with your parents!

Flames (TV Series 2018– ) - IMDb


The Story of Rajat & Ishita who met a Coaching Institute. Rajat whose brother was an IITian thats why he was also forced to prepare for the IIT entrance but he was not interested in it. The story goes on and Rajat and Ishita fall in love in the coaching institute were such involved in it that they ignored their studies. This made them land in a trouble. Rajat’s mother came to know about his love and here the main struggles start.

Watch one the most sweet, pure and innocent love story of Rajat and Ishita.

TVF Pitchers (TV Mini-Series 2015) - IMDb


A story of 4 guys working with a High paying job. They quit their respective jobs and meet to start a startup. The story depicts the struggle of a entrepreneur in India. These include rejection from investers, rejection of products, how society reacts to their decisions and and parents too.

Its a Must watch movie who has ever thought of starting a startup company

Aspirants (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDb

“Plan B is not a losers plan, its just a balance plan for your future”

Aspirants story is of a guy who took a leave form his present private job and went to delhi for the prepartion of UPSC CSE. Being his last attempt, he used to be very serious. In Delhi he met his two college friends. A bit of romance is also available where the lead protagonist meets Dhairya(alsio an UPSC CSE aspirant). One famous character was Sandeep bhaiya, a source of motivation for the lead role as Bhaiya has al;so given many attempts but didn’t cleared and still trying.

Watch the full series to watch what exactly happened and is Dhairya became his.

Permanent Roommates (TV Series 2014–2016) - IMDb
Permanent Roommates


The story of Mikesh and Tanya who were in a long distance relationship. The story begins with the Mickesh on his knees having ring in his hand infront of tanya and asking for Marriage. Tanya who was not expecting this, and was also not want to say No as Mickesh will feel bad. She hesitately accepted the proposal, and they started searching for a flat in Mumbai But Tanya was still Unsure of Mickesh. The story is full of small-small sweet and romantic scene. You will love watching Mickesh and his innocent love planning for marriage.

Watch the full series to know what Tanya did and did their chemistry worked?

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