In modern day also , shayari is just a fantastic literary method to express someones idea in a very beautiful way. In the last decade Shayari is yet again gaining popularity with the advancement in internet in technolgies, Specially URDU SHAYARI During 90s & 2000s Shayari had lost its original form but now its real and original essence is again gaining its lost fame. Famous Shayars like Rahat Indori, Munnawar Rana, Wasir Badra, Faiz Ahmed faiz, Wasim barelvi and many more.

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¶kitne aish se rahte hoñge kitne itrāte hoñge
jaane kaise log vo hoñge jo us ko bhāte hoñge¶

-Jaun Eliya

Best Urdu Shayari Books in hindi to read:-

Urdu Shayari books in HindiCulture Yaksha
-Wasir Badra

  • It is one of thye best books for beginners to start reading Urdu Shayari
  • Its a collection of shayari written by Wasir badra

    “ujāle apnī yādoñ ke hamāre saath rahne do
    na jaane kis galī meñ zindagī kī shaam ho jaa.e”

Urdu Shayari books in Hindi Talkhiyan
-Sahir Ludhianavi

  • Its the 1st book by Sahir Ludhianavi
  • In 1958, it was converted into Hindi due to its high demand
  • Talkhiyan means bitterness is a really very much heart touching and connected to real world.

    “talḳhiyāñ rah jā.eñgī lafz-e-vafā rah jā.egā
    darmiyāñ iḳhlās ke phir ik ḳhalā rah jā.egā”

Urdu Shayari books in Hindi
Mere Dil Mere Musafir

-Faiz Ahmed Faiz

  • This book depicts verious incidents of Faiz
  • He loved Life and happiness so his most works are based on these only.

    “kareñ ruḳh nagar nagar, kā
    ki surāġh koī paa.eñ
    kisī yār-e-nāma-bar kā
    har ik ajnabī se pūchheñ”

Urdu Shayari books in Hindi
Chaand pagal Hai

-Rahat Indori

  • One of the best work of Dr. Rahat Indori
  • Many poets and shayars suggest this wonderful book to read

    “roz tāroñ ko numā.ish meñ ḳhalal paḌtā hai
    chāñd pāgal hai añdhere meñ nikal paḌtā hai”

Urdu Shayari books in HindiMai Jo Hun
-Jaun Eliya

  • Jaun Eliya is one of the most underrated Writer.
  • Many of the couplets of this book , he recited in his days and gets accredited

    “maiñ jo huuñ ‘jaun-elia’ huuñ janāb
    is kā behad lihāz kījiyegā”

Urdu Shayari books in Hindi

-Munawar Ranna

  • Munawar Ranna is the person who brought the Sentiments of Love and affection between a Mother and a child in the Shayari World.
  • He wrote many couplets , and one of the most famous is –

    “kisī ko ghar milā hisse meñ yā koī dukāñ aa.ī
    maiñ ghar meñ sab se chhoTā thā mire hisse meñ maañ

Urdu Shayari books in HindiDeewan-e-Ghalib
  -Mirza Ghalib
Edited by- Nilabh Ashk

  • This book contains the beautiful and flowless style of writing.
  • Ghalib’s way of inserting emotions and feelings in shayari to the next level.

    “tum apne sikwe ki baatein na khod ke pucho
    Hajar karo mere dil se ki usme aag dabi hai

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So these are the best Urdu Shayari in Hindi books recommended by us. We hope you will love reading these books and appreciate us.
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